Whats A Mobile Home

Living In A Trailer Park: Pros, Cons, And Stereotypes Mobile Home. The clear distinguishing characteristic of a mobile home is that it is, obviously, mobile. Mobile homes are sometimes called manufactured homes. Buying a mobile home is similar to buying a car– sales tax applies, and you receive a title of ownership. Mobile homes, unlike other forms of housing, depreciate in value, as cars do.

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Buying a mobile home: loan options. If you decide to finance the cost of your mobile home or land, the rules are a bit different from those for standard single-family homes.. For a new single-wide.

Published: October 26, 2010 . Often people use the terms trailer, mobile home and manufactured home interchangeably, but there are huge differences between them. The terms "trailer home" and trailer park are generally wording from the forties and fifties in the US. There was a perception that the residents were poor and undereducated, however, some of the original trailers were actually summer.

The home owners’ association sets rules and regulations for the community, some even pertaining to the aesthetic appearance of the houses. Townhouse A townhouse is like a house in that the owner owns both the structure and the land on which it sits; but it is not free-standing, so "the land on which it sits" is limited to the front and back yards.

The difference between Mobile homes vs. Manufactured homes vs. Modular homes. Mobile homes – The term Mobile Home is often used interchangeably with the term Manufactured Home but in fact they mean quite different things. "Mobile Home" refers to homes built PRIOR to 1976 when the HUD code governing building standards for factory-built homes was instituted, greatly improving quality standards.

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The terms "manufactured" and "mobile" are often used interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between these two types of homes. The term "mobile home" is an outdated term, referring to manufactured homes built prior to 1976.

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