Transunion Maximum Credit Score

The rankings are based on TransUnion scores, which range from 300 to 850. which at 782 had the sixth highest median credit score in the nation among cities of all sizes and the sixth highest among.

For instance, one bureau may have information that is not collected by the other two – which can affect all three of your credit scores. Or, perhaps the credit bureaus use different scoring models with different credit score scales – which can also affect your credit score and the range in which it falls.

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TransUnion: Score and Report is available exclusively for TransUnion Credit Monitoring members. This app is packed with everything you need to monitor, understand and protect your credit – all in one place. Stay on top of any changes to your personal data, protect your credit report and identity, an.

Equifax and TransUnion use those credit scoring calculations to come up your credit score. By and large, the FICO credit scoring model ranges from 300 to 800, with 300 being the lowest credit score.

A higher score indicates that the individual is a lower credit risk.To calculate a score, numerical weights are placed on different aspects of your credit file and a mathematical formula is used to arrive at a final credit score.

The CFPB ordered TransUnion and Equifax to truthfully represent the value of the credit scores they provide and the cost of obtaining those credit scores and other services. Between them, TransUnion and Equifax must pay a total of more than $17.6 million in restitution to consumers, and fines totaling $5.5 million to the CFPB.

For both the VantageScore and base fico score models, the lowest score is 300 and the highest credit score is 850. But even if you have responsible credit habits, don’t be surprised if you check your scores and find that you are below 850. perfect credit scores can seem to be inexplicably out of reach.

Among active credit sesame members, the highest credit score is 839, and just 0.006% of members have that score! As you can see from the table, most Credit Sesame members fall within the range of 550 to 639 range, which is considered "fair" credit, per the TransUnion scoring model.

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