Should I Buy A Duplex

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This is another huge factor to consider when considering if you should invest in a duplex. If you buy a lawnmower, gas, oil, and cut the grass, this is money out of your pocket. If you own a duplex, this is now a business expense, along with the trip to the store to buy it.

Buying a duplex can be rewarding. Most people decide to purchase a duplex to reap the benefits of being a landlord: specifically, collecting.

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If you are planning to buy a house then one thing may have come in your mind that should I buy an apartment or an independent. to choose the right property and also many information on duplex house.

You should buy a duplex either because you want to live in it and don’t mind losing money and/or if the total cost to own and maintain (including opportunity cost) is less than the revenue you could get renting it (including some %age of the time having it be vacant). It is not much different than any other sort of investment.

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From a homeowner’s perspective, buying a duplex can be especially appealing because you can live in one area of the building and collect rent from the tenants living in the other area of the building. This can help you pay off your mortgage. For example, imagine you purchase a duplex and your mortgage is $1,200 per month.

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You can’t use the FHA’s multifamily loan to buy a duplex since they don’t consider a duplex as a multifamily property and, instead, only consider buildings with five or more units as multifamily properties. What Should I Know Before Buying a Fourplex?

Everyone’s worried about your job when the answer to your question is YES, buy a duplex. Have your renters pay whatever market rent will allow for. It’s called "house hacking," and it gets someone else to help you pay your mortgage while YOU get to keep the equity.