Military Buying A House

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Some members may wish to live off-base to buy a house, rather than give up their housing allowance to live on-base. Personally, I always avoided buying a house while in the military. I’ve seen too many people who bought a house, only to receive a change of assignment, and then have to go through.

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Would I recommend buying a house within a 72-hour period? Not if you can help it. But, for military, time is a luxury we’re not always afforded. Thankfully, I can attest, you can still find the house.

Should Military Members Buy A House? In the united states military, there is a difference between the terms "Home of Record" and "Legal Residence." Home of Record and Legal Residence may or may not be the same address. The Home of Record is the place where one was living when they entered the military (or, re-enlisted in the military, if one chooses).

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To live in military family housing, you must be living in the house with your dependent(s). There are exceptions for those who are temporarily deployed, or Personally, I always avoided buying a house while in the military. I’ve seen too many people who bought a house, only to receive a change of.

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