If I File Bankruptcy Can I Still Buy A House

 · Q:Hello. I’m recently seperated from my husband and had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. How long will it take before I am able to buy another home? I got my discharge papers last year in November.

More From The Motley Fool Chris Hill: PG&E is filing for bankruptcy. Then, get out the best you can. Holding on to the stock.there’s not going to be a turnaround. These assets will all be sold.

You still have to. of their debt, or get it forgiven. When you file for bankruptcy, you get an “automatic stay.” Basically, this puts a block on your debt to keep creditors from collecting. While.

You see, people can actually buy a house right after a bankruptcy but if you need a new mortgage to do it, well that might take a little bit of time, but There is nothing stopping you from entering into an agreement to buy a home the day after your bankruptcy discharge using a couple of different methods.

How Can A Debtor obtain bankruptcy court loan approval?. This normally means that a debtor would have to file a motion to modify the. is in his name only. and I want to buy a new house when I return back to ga, can I do that.. If you sort it out, you might still be able to be approved for a home loan.

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The bill, if passed, would make student loans like all almost all other forms of consumer debt, such as mortgage and. since filing for bankruptcy – even discharge to student loans – still is a.

If I file for bankruptcy, will my electric service be disconnected?.. to protect any property in which a creditor has a ''purchase money security interest'' (like a mortgage or secured. Otherwise, the creditor will assume that you still owe this debt.

 · Buying a home after bankruptcy may seem like an impossible feat, but it’s actually not out of the question. Even if you have a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy on your credit report, you can still buy a home after a certain period of time.